No Deposit Casinos 2018

One of the most appealing type of online casino bonus has got to be those of the no deposit variety. They're often given to new players upon registration at Australia online casino sites, and might be in the form of bonus cash, or free spins.

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Of course, any promotional money the casino does dish out is subject to various wagering requirements. It's not quite a free meal ticket but it's a great way to get a feel for their casino. Being completely free does make it a potentially lucrative opportunity though. There's a chance to win big, and no risk for the player.

Best Australian No Deposit Casinos

Listed below are the best no deposit offers we could find. There's no limit to how many you can sign up for and test your luck. Try them out, and hopefully you can beat the numbers and come out a winner.

Max Value Rating
25 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
A$15 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
A$15 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
A$12 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
A$10 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
A$60 No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
40 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
25 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
$50 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
€50 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
$35 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
$10 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
$25 No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
$77 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
10 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 9/10 Claim Now
20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
A$60 No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
20 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 8.5/10 Claim Now
50 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
30 Free Spins No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now
$65 No Deposit Bonus 7/10 Claim Now

How to Use a No Deposit Casino Bonus

  • Pick one of the deals above.
  • Check the terms and conditions for yourself and understand exactly how to release the bonus, and what requirements are associated with it.
  • Download any clients or apps that the casino may offer to make browsing games easier. If the casino is strictly browser based, skip this point.
  • Register your details with the casino. It's usually at this point that any bonus codes that might trigger the deal need to be entered. Other common conditions on bonuses include a message to the customer support chat or perhaps entering a code once registered. All the specifics will be in the terms.
  • Verify your email address, or phone number (if required).
  • Find the game you want to use your spins, or bonus cash on and start playing.

Raging Bull Casino Offer

Raging Bull Casino

Raging Bull Casino offers players a $65 No Deposit Bonus.

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How to Use Your No Deposit Bonus Code

No deposit casino bonus codes warrant further discussion. In some cases, the casino will state in their terms that a bonus code must be entered to activate their signup promotion. It's common that they'll send the code as part of the email verification process. They might also provide it in the terms and conditions, or you may need to speak to support.

As mentioned, bonus codes are most commonly requested during the initial registration process. Do not skip this if you want to take part in the promotion. It's rare that a casino will back-credit a bonus that the customer has broken the terms on. Even if said breach is accidental.

Playing Online Pokies with No Deposit Bonuses

There are different kinds of bonuses available to new and existing players at Australian online casinos, and almost all of them - unless it is a bonus that specifically mentions a particular game, e.g. blackjack - are applicable to online pokies. One of the most popular of these bonuses is the no deposit bonus.

The no deposit bonus is offered when you sign up with the casino, even before you make a deposit. It allows you to play and win without you spending your own money. You can play any game you want, especially pokies; though some casinos specify the games you can use the bonus on. This bonus comes with its own terms and conditions. There is usually a cap on the maximum amount you can redeem out of the winnings earned through it.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses for Playing Pokies

There are different kinds of no deposit bonuses and all of them can be used to play pokies. They include:

  • Free casino credits: You get the bonus in the form of free casino credits that you can use to play any game at the casino, including pokies. The amount you get as bonus is usually nominal, anywhere between €/€/$5 to €/€/$25.
  • Free spins: The casino gives you a certain number of free spins. Many Australian casinos mention the games that are covered by the free spins no deposit bonus; this means you can use this bonus only to play these games. At some casinos you are able to use the free spins to play any of the pokies you want. The number of free spins offered depends on the casino operator.
  • Free casino credits with time limit: This bonus gives you a good sum of free casino credits that you have to use within a given time period, usually 60 minutes. Any of the bonus credits or money left over after the time period has expired is unusable. Some casinos give you the option of resetting the clock back to the beginning; however, doing so will result in you losing any winnings earned till that point in time.

New No Deposit Casinos

There are quite a few no deposit casinos, i.e. casinos offering no deposit bonuses, out there. That is why choosing one that is just right for you can be an incredibly challenging task. We say challenging because there are just too many casinos to check out and that can be time-consuming. Also, there are new no deposit offers and also casinos coming up as well regularly, and tracking them all can give you a royal headache. We have a list of new online casinos that is kept updated.

The good thing about new no deposit offers is that they can be extremely generous. This is especially true of the one that gives you free casino credits that you need to use up in the given time limit. Imagine having $2000 to spend in an hour! And there are offers like this constantly coming up at different casinos that accept Australian players. So how do you keep track of all of them? The new ones and yes, the old ones that have updated their offer?

That is where we come in. We list for you the top no deposit casinos that you can play at. Our team of expert analysts and reviewers are constantly checking the web for new no deposit casinos or new no deposit offers at existing casinos. What this means is that our list is constantly updated to include the latest no deposit bonus offers available at different casinos. All you have to do is visit us, browse through our updated list of no deposit bonuses available, and click on the one you want to use!

Understanding the Terms and Conditions

It's very important to understand the terms and conditions before claiming each bonus. The casinos aren't in the habit of just giving away free cash, so they often attach sizeable requirements to the promotional funds before a customer can withdraw them. Each casino's terms will be different, so it's crucial that you check them every time you join a new one.

The exact wagering requirements of bonuses will vary from venue to venue. You'll often find that any winnings must be played through at least twenty times before you can cash out. Casinos often promote incredibly lucrative sounding offers with colossal wagering requirements. This is because many potential customers don't bother to check the terms and conditions (usually sneakily hidden in minute text somewhere at the bottom of the offer page itself). Remember: the lower the rollover figure, the better the deal is for the player.

In additional to the large rollover requirements, the casino will often exclude certain games from wagering. Commonly they'll contribute a percentage towards the overall rollover. Particularly high return-to-player slots might only contribute 25-50%, and if you're thinking of playing perfect strategy blackjack to grind through a massive bonus then you're probably out of luck. Being such a low house edge game (when played correctly), blackjack is usually subject to the stringent of restrictions. It's common to see it listed as contributing as little as 5% towards wagering, and sometimes it's excluded entirely.

Despite this, we highly recommend getting involved with some no deposit bonuses. They're a fantastic way to feel out a casino and see if the games are to your tastes. That's why we've selected the best Australian no deposit casinos where Aussies can sign up, get free bonus cash and have safe, fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

Wagering Requirements

All casino "bonus cash" has wagering requirements. If it didn't, it would just be cash. When we use the term wagering requirements, rollover, or play through, we're referring to the number of times the total bonus amount must be bet back through the casino before a cash out is possible. This will usually (but certainly not always) include any winnings from the bonus cash too. Let's look at an example:

I receive $10 bonus cash from the casino. The terms state that I must wager it at least 20 times before I can withdraw. They also require that any winnings from the original bonus must also be wagered the same number of times too. I make ten $1 spins on a machine and I'm lucky enough to win another $10. According to the casinos terms and conditions, I must now place at least $400 worth of bets on eligible games.

Permitted Games

Not all games are created equal in terms of no deposit casino bonuses (unfortunately). A look through the terms and conditions of a few offers will show you that some only allow bonus funds to be spent on a small list of games, and others place heavy wagering restrictions on their more lucrative offerings. Games in which the house edge is very low, video poker and blackjack for example might be excluded entirely from wagering. Certain slots will likely be affected too, and will contribute less than 100% to the requirements.

In the same no deposit bonus example we mentioned earlier, let's suppose that the house also state that blackjack only contributes 5% towards the bonus requirements. I bet my $10 on a single hand of blackjack, and win again. Now, if I was to continue to wage my bonus at the same table, instead of the $400 I would be required to bet my way through $8,000 instead.

Maximum Winnings

Another trick casinos like to pull to stop themselves from going broke at the hands of bonus abusers is to set a maximum amount you can win using bonus cash. This is self-explanatory. All winnings over the amount stated in the terms will be forfeited. Of course, you'll still have to complete the wagering requirements too. Imagine how devastated you'd be if you took down a progressive jackpot under such restrictions. It doesn't bear thinking about.

How to Win Real Money Using No Deposit Bonus Codes

It will probably be quite clear by now that it isn't that easy to win big using a no deposit bonus. The often-ludicrous wagering requirements stack the odds well and truly in the house's favour. 50, 100, and even 200 times the bonus amount is common, and being unable to use high RTP games just exacerbates the problem. All that considered, you'd be forgiven for thinking that they're all a waste of time. The thing that makes them potentially lucrative is that they're entirely risk-free. You can't lose anything. You can only gain. Even if the odds of you busting were even greater, it's still a proposition with positive expected value in the long term.

No Deposit Mobile Casinos vs Desktop Casinos

Casino operators have gotten incredibly good at creating the same experience for players no matter what device they use. There was a time when playing on a smart phone was difficult and frustrating. Fortunately, the industry is moving with the times and all major casinos offer either seamless in-browser gaming, or a designated application for even smoother gameplay. This makes playing your favourite casino classics possible just about anywhere.