Get Lucky With Red Lion This Month!

Chloe Wilson - EditorChloe Wilson - 22 February 2019 in Blog
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Reeltastic online casino is celebrating the Chinese New Year with style this month, thanks to a great promo involving the new Red Lion slot game. Keep your eyes out for the lucky numbers 6, 8 and 9 and earn yourself some big wins in the process. Come and join the celebrations at Reeltastic Casino and make this your lucky month.

A Bit About the Lucky Numbers

The three lucky numbers feature prominently in the Red Lion slot promotion, which will run between now and February 25th. You stand to win increases of 6%, 8% or 9% - depending on your Red Lion slot spins. But before we go into the hows, let’s look at the whys. Why are these numbers so important in Chinese folklore?

  • 6: The Chinese word for “6” is Liu and this symbolizes the desire for everything to go smoothly.
  • 8: Fa, or eight, represents wealth and fortune and is the favorite number for people doing business or closing a deal. It is not for nothing that the number 8 is by far China’s luckiest number.
  • 9: Eternity, longevity, ever-lasting: All these are represented by the lucky number nine, Jiu, and is traditionally used at weddings.

Do you want these lucky numbers to work for you in Reeltastic Casino’s new promotion? Then get spinning on the new Red Lion slot game.

Get Bigger Wins with Lucky Numbers on Red Lion Slot

Red Lion slot was launched just in time to help welcome in the Chinese New Year at Reeltastic Casino and across the board. The gist of the Red Lion slot promotion is very simple. Increase your winnings by 6%, 8% or 9%, with the amount increasing with every 100th spin.

  • Play 0 - 100 spins and earn an additional 6% on your winnings.
  • Play 100 -200 spins and earn an additional 8% on all winnings.
  • Play 200 - 300 spins to earn an additional 9% on your winnings.

If your time is short or your bankroll isn’t large enough to spin 100 times in one gaming session, never fear! Reeltastic online casino ‘remembers’ your total spin count from the last session and simply adds it to the new session. That means that as long as you play during the promotion period, you will be able to build on your total, until your 100th spin.

The promotion works in a 300-spin cycle. On your first 100, you earn an extra 6%, on your second hundred, you earn an extra 8% and on the last 100, you’ll get a generous 9%. The cycle then restarts and you can enjoy another round of rewards.

About Red Lion Slot

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We can’t think of a more ideal slot game to feature in a promotion that celebrates the Chinese New Year. Red Lion slot is everything that you’d expect to find in a slot game with such a dominant Asian theme. The game is inundated with traditionally lucky colors such as gold, red, purple, green and blue across its 5 reels, 3 rows and 20 pay lines. While you can choose to activate just one row, it goes without saying that the more lines you activate, the higher your chances of winning. Wager with coin denominations ranging from 0.01 to 0.05.

Increase your winnings even more with these winning symbols and features:

Winning symbols:

  • Expanding wild Lion symbol
  • Yin Yang scatter symbol
  • Golden/green frog and lucky coins bonus symbol

Winning Features

  • You can trigger the Red Lion feature during the main game and the free games feature. The Red Lion symbol expands across every reel and you are looking at a 20,000 x bet payout as a result!
  • Land 3 frog and coin symbols on the first, third and fifth reels to trigger the Bonus Feature. You’ll be presented with the chance to open a treasure chest with the chance to win up to 50 x your total bet.
  • Land 3 or more Yin Yang scatter symbols across the reels to trigger the free games feature. The more scatter symbols that land on the reels, the more free games are yours to use. In addition, all the free spins are re-triggerable. In fact, if you land just two scatter symbols during the free spins, you win another five games. Three scatter symbols earn you 10 free game, 4 scatter symbols reward 25 free games and 5 Yin Yang symbols trigger a very generous 50 free games!