Make Mondays Memorable Thanks to Your Mobile

Chloe Wilson - EditorChloe Wilson - 02 January 2020 in Blog
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As more and more of us take our online casino entertainment on the go, we’re always on the lookout for top online casino promotions - such as free spins - that reward us more for playing on our mobile devices. We hit the jackpot with our latest discovery – a great mobile-friendly promo at GW Casino that will put a smile on your face at the start of each week.

You are invited to make your Mondays extra memorable by boosting your bankroll with a 35% bonus up to $250 every week!

The Mobile Mondays bonus at GW Casino allows you to "get your Monday boost no matter where you are!"

How To Claim Mobile Mondays Promo

Every Monday, you need to make a deposit of at least $30 into your real money account at GW Casino. The deposit can be made from the mobile device of your choice.

The bonus gives you the opportunity to enjoy all your favorite games at GW Casino anywhere you go, with free casino cash – a 35% bonus up to $250!

Simply log into your casino account and claim the special Monday offer.

Mobile Mondays Promo Terms And Conditions:

  • The Mobile Mondays promo can be claimed from the GW Casino Promotions and Rewards page each Monday until 23:59 GMT.
  • The promo can only be claimed on the mobile version of the online casino.
  • You can receive a 35% bonus per deposit, up until you get a maximum of $250 free in the weekly offer.
  • To be eligible for the promo, you have to make a minimum deposit of $30.
  • You need to have made at least one successful deposit into your real money account in order to be eligible for the promotion.
  • The wagering requirement for the bonus is 20 x.
  • Other terms and conditions may apply.

The Growing Popularity Of Mobile Casinos

We Australians absolutely love our mobile phones. We couldn’t imagine a world without them. Today, we do practically everything we need to do on our smartphones, including shopping, dating, banking and yes, gambling.

Here are some quick and interesting facts about Australia’s mobile world:

  • Nearly 70% of all Australians own a smartphone – over 11 million of us!
  • Nearly 40% of all Australian homes have tablets.
  • 42% of Australian adults accessed the internet with their mobile phones this year.
  • Australia has the fastest mobile download speed in the entire world.
  • 35% of Australian smartphone sales were on iPhone devices.
  • 82% of the population spends a total of one day per week (nearly 24 hours) online.
  • 13 million Australians have downloaded a mobile app.

When you combine our general love for anything gambling-related, with the easy accessibility to the internet from our smartphones, you can see why mobile casinos are so popular among players Down Under.

Casino Action In The Palm of Your Hand

What draws us to mobile casinos? First of all, it must be the accessibility of mobile gambling in Australia. At a simple click or swipe, you gain access to your favorite online casino from your handheld mobile device. Within seconds, you have all your favorite casino games in the palm of your hand, ready to be played and enjoyed.

Online casino software providers understand that the future of gambling lies in mobile casinos. This is why most of their games these days have been customized for mobile play. You’ll find all the great video slots, progressive slot games, blackjack, roulette and video poker games now available in mobile format. The graphics are just as crisp, the animations just as awesome, and the bonus features just as exciting – only now they have been brought down to the size of your mobile screen.

What Can Be Done At A Mobile Casino?

Everything that you expect to be able to do at Australian online casinos can be done on their counterpart mobile platforms.

  • Play games for free at mobile casinos.
  • Register your details and open a real money account.
  • Make a deposit into your account using any of the banking methods supported by the mobile casino.
  • Redeem promotions such as GW Casino’s Mobile Mondays offer.
  • Check out the latest offers and specials.
  • Play slots, table games and other mobile games for real money.
  • Request a withdrawal of your winnings.
  • Chat to customer support, ask questions or lodge a complaint.
  • Win big jackpots while gambling on the go.

Bring top-notch casino entertainment with you – wherever you are and whenever you want. Play casino games at GW Casino and other Australian-friendly mobile casinos today!