Take A Look at the Biggest Win at Bitstarz Casino to Date! Could You Be Next?

Chloe Wilson - EditorChloe Wilson - 03 June 2019 in Blog
Bitstarz Casino biggest Win

One of the hottest names in the online casino industry is Bitstarz Casino. We regularly see big wins coming out of this site and enjoy reading about the jackpots being hit by lucky players. Recently, however, Bitstarz announced its biggest jackpot in history, when one lucky player joined the fast-growing BitStarz Millionaires Club. One extremely fortunate player played Azbarah Wishes slot at the world’s leading Bitcoin casino and scooped the jaw-dropping sum of nearly $2.5 million!

It was good fortune from the word go for the BitStarz Casino player who wishes to remain anonymous. It was as if Fortuna, the goddess of luck woke up that morning with a single purpose in mind – to make the player very, very rich and very, very happy!

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The Slot That Makes Wishes Come True

The player chose to spin the reels of Azrabah Wishes, an epic slot game that features a magical genie. His first taste of things to come came when he collected his first massive payout - an incredible €742,450 on a single spin!

Most people would be thrilled with that amount and go home to celebrate – but not this player! He decided that since Fortuna was shining down on him that day, he would make the most of it. Just a little while later, the same player found himself making the most of the 15,000 x max payout bonus feature, and he suddenly found himself with $2,459,124 in his account!

It couldn’t get better than that – winning an eye-watering jackpot on a game that has a genie theme at one of the most popular online casinos around!

But BitStarz Casino is not resting on its laurels and it knows that it is just a matter of time when another player will smash an even bigger record. That’s the way things work – the higher the jackpots won at a site, the bigger the buzz and the more players are attracted to the games at the online casino. The more players who play, the faster the jackpots rise and the bigger the prizes.

It was only this year that the first BitStarz millionaire entered the prestigious BitStarz Millionaire Club when he won $1.35 million (or 354.24 BTC) on a single spin on the game Slotomon Go. We’re not even halfway into the year and that win has practically doubled itself with the latest jackpot prize.

The good news is that the next winner could be YOU. None of the previous winners believed for a single moment that they would be ending their gaming session with automatic entrance into the BitStarz Millionaire Club. But that’s how their luck played out and it proves that anyone can be a jackpot winner.

The BitStarz Marketing Manager, Srdjan Kapor was on hand to comment on the big jackpot and send his best wishes to the player: "Another month and another huge win at BitStarz," he said. "We’ve only just seen our record win smashed and now a new player has come and smashed it again. The player we’re talking about has won more than $2.4 million and we want to send him a massive congratulations!"

We hope that by now you have also opened a real money account that you, too, could be in line to be the next jackpot winner. We also hope that the size of the last prize is enough of an incentive to get you to register today. But just in case you need that extra push, take a look at the great rewards you get for signing up.

  • 20 free super-cool free spins that are yours when you simply sign up to BitStarz Casino.
  • When you’re ready to jump into the exciting world of real-money gaming, you’ll receive a match bonus of up to $500 or 5 BTC absolutely free over your first four deposits. In addition, you will be gifted with 180 free spins.

BitStarz Casino is proud to offer one of the biggest welcome bonuses around!

There are other perks to having an account at BitStarz Casino. For example, there are zero withdrawal limits! What does that mean? No matter how large your win is, you can cash out immediately without having a limit on the amount. Did you happen to win the $2.5 million jackpot? No problem! The cashout process will take less than 10 minutes and the money will be transferred in its entirety to your account.

When all is said and done, we don’t think that you need any more prodding to open an account at BitStarz Casino. All we can do is wish you the greatest of luck that your name appears as the next member of Bitstarz Millionaire Club!