Bank Wire

A bank wire, also known as bank transfer, wire transfer, or credit transfer, is a widely used but expensive casino banking method. It can be roughly defined as transferring money electronically from the sender's bank account to the receiver's bank account. Although this definition applies to all methods of paying for products and services online, bank wire is a unique way of moving funds from one account to another account via electronic networks such as SWIFT or Fedwire.

Bank wires are supposed to be fast. If players have to wait for days for the money to reach their accounts, the method being used cannot be a bank wire.

Bank Wire Overview

Many consumers prefer to send or receive money through bank wire. Although fast, this is an expensive and slightly complicated method. The transaction fees vary from one bank to the other. While some banks charge both senders and receivers of bank wires, some banks charge only one party. Although an expensive method, it is safe, secure, and time-tested, owing to which many players prefer to use bank wire as their casino banking method.

The oldest form of wire transfer is Western Union, which was launched in 1872. Initially, wire transfers required passwords and code books, but today, the method has evolved. To wire money to someone today, consumers just need a computer with a fast Internet connection and a bank account.

Top Australian Casinos That Accept Bank Wires

Bank Wire Withdrawal Turnaround Bonus Value
Between 3 days and 7 days A$3000 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days A$3000 Match Bonus with 100 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 2 days and 3 days A$1000 Match Bonus with 100 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days A$300 Match Bonus with 50 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 7 days and 10 days A$ Unlimited Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 7 days and 10 days A$8888 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 2 days and 15 days A$850 Match Bonus with 60 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 3 days and 5 days A$5000 Match Bonus with 25 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days $600 Cash Back Bonus Claim Now
Approximately 5 days €500 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 10 days and 14 days $10000 Match Bonus Claim Now
Approximately 7 days $300 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days $2500 Match Bonus with 100 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days A$1200 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 10 days and 14 days $7777 Match Bonus Claim Now
Between 3 days and 5 days A$2000 Match Bonus with 75 Free Spins Claim Now
Between 3 days and 7 days A$1500 Match Bonus with 150 Free Spins Claim Now

Using Bank Wire in Australia

Bank wire in Australia is 100% safe and secure. Aussies who want to wire money to someone need to open a bank account. It is impossible to make an anonymous bank wire in Australia.

An Australian who wants to send money through bank wire must have the SWIFT code, the name of the receiving bank, the name of the recipient and his/her account number. An Aussie sender might also need the address of the recipient's bank and the postal address of the receiving individual or company.

A bank wire can be easily sent online, but some banks still require senders and receivers to sign a form. As previously mentioned, those who use bank wire to send and receive money should be willing to pay hefty transaction fees.

How to Deposit Using Bank Wire

To use bank wire as a casino banking method, Australian players have to use the following steps:

  • Sign up at an online casino that offers bank wire as a banking option.
  • Players also need to have a bank account.
  • To start using bank wire, players should login to their casino gaming accounts and register bank wire as their preferred banking method.
  • The next step is to collect the online casino's banking information. This important information can be obtained through the casino's customer support system. The best casinos offer 24/7 customer support through live chat, email, and phone; so players shouldn't find it difficult to get hold of the online casino's banking details.
  • Players should then visit their bank and request it to initiate a bank wire for them. They should provide essential details such as the receiving bank's SWIFT number and name.
  • Players should then contact their casino's customer support system and request them to manually add the amount into their accounts.

It is as simple as telling one's bank that one would like to transfer a certain amount from one's account to the online casino's bank account and then waiting for the funds to appear in their gaming accounts.

How to Withdraw Using Bank Wire

Most online casinos offer bank wire not only as a deposit option, but also as a withdrawal option. Even if players do not spot bank wire in the list of withdrawal options at their casino cashier, they can contact customer care and find out how they can make a withdrawal using bank wire.

Bank Wire Costs and Timing

Australian banks charge differently for bank wire transactions. Usually, the fees are paid by senders. In some cases, banks may also charge receivers. Bank wire fees also depend on the type of bank wire. For instance, express bank wires are charged more than standard bank wires. The fees charged depend on a variety of factors such as the amount to be sent or received, the speed with which the funds should be wired, foreign currency conversion, and much more.

Online casinos usually do not charge players for making deposits using bank wire. However, they do charge players for requesting a payout through bank wire. At some casinos, the first withdrawal or the first few withdrawals of the month are absolutely free of charge, but the other withdrawals of the months are charged. Some casinos charge players only if the withdrawals are not as large as those specified.

Bank wires are fast, and it should not take more than a few hours for the funds to be credited to players' accounts.