Best Australian Online Casino Sites

Gambling has been a part of the Australian life and culture since times immemorial. So when the online casino industry emerged it was only natural for a lot of casino operators to target Australian players. The rules governing online gambling in Australia also favour the players – setting up a gambling operation is illegal but there is no legislation to prevent players from playing at online casinos. That is why you find most of the overseas casino operators specifically targeting the Australian audience.

However, there is one hurdle you may face as a player when choosing the best online casino. There are too many around! In such a scenario, separating the good ones from the bad can be difficult. Even if you manage to do it, you will find too many good online casinos around to be able to choose the ONE that works for you. is dedicated to helping you find the best online casino to play at. We do it methodically, taking into account multiple critical criteria. Our exhaustive process enables us to put together a list of only the best casinos for Australian players.

Top 10 Casino Picks For February 2017

This is a selection of the very finest as picked by our experts at the Club and voted by our visitors.

Bonus Type Max Bonus Rating
High Roller Bonus AUD 1,600 90% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 1,600 92% Play Now
High Roller Bonus AUD 2,500 with 30 Free Spins 95% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD Unlimited 91% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 3,200 90% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 300 with 150 Free Spins 86% Play Now
High Roller Bonus AUD Unlimited 89% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 200 with 100 Free Spins 87% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 1,400 92% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 375 87% Play Now
Match Bonus USD 777 88% Play Now
Match Bonus USD 100 80% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 200 with 100 Free Spins 87% Play Now
High Roller Bonus AUD 100 with 180 Free Spins 89% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 1,200 91% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 1,400 with 30 Free Spins 94% Play Now
Match Bonus USD 100 85% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 800 with 50 Free Spins 90% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 5,250 83% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 500 86% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 555 91% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 350 86% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 100 88% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 200 89% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 200 with 60 Free Spins 92% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD Unlimited with 20 Free Spins 87% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 250 with 10 Free Spins 92% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 400 92% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 1,450 93% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 100 89% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 700 with 50 Free Spins 85% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 200 90% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 50 88% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 800 0% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 5,000 0% Play Now
Match Bonus ZAR 10,000 with 130 Free Spins 91% Play Now
Match Bonus EUR 100 0% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 800 with 50 Free Spins 0% Play Now
Match Bonus AUD 100 with 25 Free Spins 0% Play Now

Our Way of Choosing the Top Online Casinos

As we said earlier, there are multiple critical criteria we test casinos for. Only the ones that score high on all these criteria make it to our list. The different parameters we check for include:

  1. Reputation of the operator: This is vital to us; a good reputation is an indicator of reliability. All online casinos on our list are from reputed casino operators.
  2. Software and game range: Good software is vital for a good casino experience. Also, as an Australian player you want to play at an online casino that hosts your favourite casino games, especially pokies. We list only casinos powered by top software providers and with a good selection of games, especially ones with an Aussie flavour.
  3. Promotions and Bonuses: It is not just how big the bonus is; equally important is the fairness aspect and the rules governing the bonus. That is why you find only casinos with great bonus offers – in terms of size and fairness – on our list.
  4. Security: Security is of paramount importance to every online casino players. There are 2 major indicators for security when it comes to online casinos – the licensing jurisdiction and the encryption software to protect personal and banking data. The online casinos that clear our review process are all licensed and regulated by well-known and reliable gambling jurisdictions and have in place state-of-the-art encryption technology to secure your personal data.
  5. Payment support: Payment support is important because that is what helps us deposit funds and, even more important, withdraw our winnings. Every online casino on our list offers a wide range of payment methods.
  6. Customer support: We recommend only those casinos that offer round the clock customer support to their players.
  7. Third party audits: Fair play and randomness have always been issues at online casinos. We list only those casinos that are audited regularly by independent third party auditors for fair play and randomness.

The Best Way to Find the Top Australian Online Casinos

So how do you zero in on a fantastic online casino as an Australian player? Do it right and you will have no trouble finding the right casino! Here are a few things to look for:

  • All the top online casinos for Australian players come from reputed operators and offer a wide range of games in a completely secure environment. That should automatically narrow your search. Security is vital; it ensures your personal and financial details do not fall into the wrong hands. Check for 24x7 support because nobody likes to be left hanging indefinitely with unanswered questions.
  • Check for casinos offering the no download option. They are more handy and easy to play, especially if you are traveling. You do not have to waste time downloading software and waiting for the games to install.
  • With the new trend being mobile casino gambling, you could also check for the best mobile casinos around for Australian players. Numerous reputed casinos offer instant play mobile casinos. There are downloadable apps as well but they may not work for Australian players as most of the app stores in the Australian market do not host them because of existing regulations.

Three Ways to Avoid Landing Up at a Bad Casino

There is always the risk of landing up at a bad online casino when you are searching for new online casinos. It is not necessary that you will be cheated at every casino that looks shady, but it is always better to be forewarned. How do you ensure you do not land up at one of the bad ones? Here are 3 great tips to avoiding landing up at a bad online casino.

  • Do your research: Since an online casino is a place where you will be spending money remotely, it is only logical to do extensive research on the casinos you are looking to play at. The best places to look at are casino forums and review sites. Even when you check at a casino directly, check for the official badges of security, fair play, etc.
  • Check out in terms of personal info: Check if the online casino or related site that you are at asks for personal info that a casino normally would not need from you. For instance, are you being asked for the PIN code for your debit card or credit card? That is someone you should definitely stay away from.
  • Check out casino blacklists: There are numerous portals that carry official blacklists wherein casinos that are considered ‘rogue’ are listed. Check out these blacklists if you come across a casino that looks suspicious. You could, as a matter of principle, just check out the blacklists anyways so you automatically know the ones to stay away from. We have our own blacklist that you can refer to before you get started on your search.

Picking an Online Casinos for Australian Players from Us – Some Benefits

The best thing about choosing an online casino to play at from Australian Casino Club is the guarantee of a good experience. We are able to guarantee this because of the extensive review and rating process we have in place. When you select a casino from our recommended list you are guaranteed the best in terms of:



We test the software for different parameters, including robustness, reliability and also ease-of-use. Our testing process works not just for online casinos but also for their corresponding mobile offerings as well.

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Game range

All online casinos supporting Australian players are known for the huge selection of games they offer. However, would all of them have the entire list of pokies, or the one pokie that you love playing? That would be highly unlikely. We list casinos on the basis of not only the game range but also game variety.

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Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonus

Everybody loves a welcome bonus, and each online casino supporting Australian players comes with a unique bonus structure. Our review process enables us to examine the specifics of these bonuses; that is how we are also able to list game-specific bonuses. We are also able to say the kind of player a particular bonus may be the best for.

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Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots

We take a look at the different kinds of jackpots available at an online casino and the size that the progressive jackpot is likely to grow to. This gives Australian players an idea of what to expect and how much they could possibly win on each jackpot.

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Payment methods

We check online casinos for the number of payment methods offered and their reliability quotient as well. Given that every online casino may not have the same methods, it makes sense to go with one that offers an extensive range of methods to choose from.

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Customer Support

Customer support

This is a critical component to online casino gambling from a player’s perspective. Our rating process allows us to test the efficiency and speed of customer support at the different online casinos.

Online Casinos vs. Land-Based Casinos

Online casinos have their own good sides and bad sides. We take a look at them and place them against the positive and negatives of traditional land-based casinos.

Online Casino


  1. You can play your favourite casino game from the comfort of your home.
  2. You are able to play for free and not just in real money mode. This allows you to test a particular game or hone your skills before you decide to spend money on a game.
  3. You get a fabulous welcome bonus that can be a big boost to your bankroll.
  4. You can play multiple games at a time; you get to play low limit games with superb payouts.


  1. It is all virtual; and you are completely dependent on the computer and the Internet connection.
  2. It is nowhere as glamorous as a land-based casino; whatever you see is just on the screen of your machine.

Land-Based Casino


  1. The atmosphere is amazing and you can really celebrate when you win.
  2. You get loads of freebies when you play here.
  3. You can enjoy a drink on the house as a welcome gesture or as a token of appreciation.


  1. You have to travel to a casino to play.
  2. Instant access to a table is not guaranteed.
  3. You cannot play multiple games at the same time.

Australian Online Casino FAQs

What is the legal status for online casinos across Australia?

Online casinos are legal for Australian players. However, existing laws as per the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 do not allow the operation of online casinos on Australian soil. This means you can play at any online casino from overseas accepting Australian players.

How much of Australian gambling legislation is relevant to the player? What if I do not know much and end up playing at an overseas online casino?

As far as you are concerned as an Australian player, all you need to know is that it is not illegal for you to play at an online casino. You cannot open an online casino on Australian soil though; that could invite legal action.

Is online gambling in Australia regulated?

Since Australian operators are not allowed to set up online casinos in Australia owing to the existing laws, there is no existing regulatory body when it comes to online casinos here. However, there is legislation in place – the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 – to ensure no online casinos are set up in Australia. This law is for online casino operators, not online casino players.

Things are different for land-based casinos, however. They are legal and licensing is done at the state and territory levels. The ones belonging to overseas operators operate with a license from the different international licensing jurisdictions like Malta and Gibraltar.

What does the term ‘tax situation’ mean?

The term ‘tax situation’ refers to the taxation aspect of revenues earned through gambling. Australian rules do not require the gamblers’ winnings to be taxed, primarily for 3 reasons:

  • Gambling is not an officially recognized profession in Australia.
  • Gambling winnings are considered a result of luck, and hence cannot be classified as income, by the Australian government.
  • The government’s policy has been to tax the operator, not the gambler.

Am I allowed to play in Australian Dollars?

Yes, all online casinos accepting Australian players accept players in Australian Dollars. You will usually find this nugget of info on the casino’s home page. However, do check with the casino’s customer support prior to depositing funds to avoid confusion.